CEP 956 Week 4 Announcement
Email Communication
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2021

Subject: CEP 956: Assignment Feedback & Reminders for Week 4

Hi Abdu, Betul, Jeong, Suha,  

Thank you for a great asynchronous and synchronous discussion last week. I enjoyed learning more about each of you, your ideas, and your article interests! 

This email contains important information as we look forward to CEP 956 Week 4 online (September 20-26).  Thank you for reading this email carefully. Note the assignments for this coming week, which we went over when we met on Monday.


Login to the course site to see the schedule for this week (Sept 20-26): 



Betul, Jeong, Suha, please Check-in with your Base Group (#1) at the beginning of the week by answering the Base Group Check-in questions early in the week (e.g., Tues or Wed) and then, Check-out by answering the Check-out questions at the end of the week.  

1) Login to the course website.
2) Then, go to that week’s schedule page and find the Base Group Check-in (or Check-out) question for the week (e.g., W4 Sept 20-26 Online from the drop-down menu)
3) Email or otherwise contact your Base Group members when you have Checked-in and Checked-out to let them know you have done so. This way the group can help support its members, get to know its members, and build trust over time.
4) To see how your answers and scores compare with your group overall, go to the Base Groups page. Find your Base Group.  Click on your group and find the appropriate tab at the top to see the other member(s) Check-in or Check-out Answers. 

Abdu, I was unable to assign you to a base group because your username is not showing up in my list of “Users” for the course website, and I’m not sure why, so I am looking into what the issue might be.


NEW!  Interest Statement Feedback now in D2L 
If you submitted your Interest Statement to the D2L Assignment Dropbox, you will now find my feedback to you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.   Also, you will need to choose a topic, have an abstract for your article, and have chosen a journal to do your cover letter assignment. I’m happy to talk with you if a short chat would be helpful as you work on your cover letters.


“Defining Social Media and Learning in Society” 
Last week we discussed Clark and Kozma’s debate on do/can/will/how do media influence learning? We touched on the importance of underlying epistemologies (e.g., Clark’s positivist versus interpretivist orientations to research), the importance of theoretical framing and assumptions (e.g., behaviorism, constructivism), conceptions of learning and media, and the intellectual history upon which even asking such questions is based. 

This week you are asked to read several papers on (social) media and learning and consider how we ought to define these terms in a particular context with a particular underlying learning theory.   See the readings by Manca & Ranieri, Greenhow et al., and Cormode & Krishnamurphy on this week’s schedule page.



  • Social media activity – Choose a social media to explore as a learner, teacher, and scholar
  • If you haven’t already set up a profile and start using the social media during this next asynchronous week
  • Exampleof Social Media Activity Reflection questions
  • Be ready to share what you’ve done & link to your site on Monday, Sept 27
  • Defining Social Media & LearningReadings  
  • Post initial responses to discussion forum questions by Thursday, September 23 at midnight EST.
  • Post responses to at least 2 peers (per question) by Saturday, September 25 at midnight EST.
  • Base Group 1 Discussion Synthesis of Week 4 online discussion due in the forum by noonon Monday, September 27. See directions here
  • Cover letter for publishable article due before classon Monday, September 27 — Submit to Dropbox in D2L

Any questions for me, please let me know. 

Thanks, and see you online! 


P.S. If you lose track of this email, no problem. I post weekly emailed reminders in the upper right-hand corner of the class website. 🙂 


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