Social Network Sites, Microblogs and Learning
introduce Base Group Check-in Q1 and Q2 in Base Groups

Check-in Question: What are your greatest talents? If I needed your help to do something, what would it be?
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read Readings
  Whole Group Discussion Discussion Ground Rules
  • Ideas or controversies you want us to address
  • New questions or burning issues
  • How these readings connect to your research interests or goals for this course

Discussion Synthesis W6 – Instructor

  15 min Take a break!
  Article for Publication
  • Outline – how did it go?  Questions?
  • Cover emails to editors – how are revisions coming? Ready to send by Oct 15?
  • Writing Draft #1 of Article Due Nov. 1
  Social Media Activity
  Need Your
Complete the Mid-term Evaluation in D2L
  • Initial post for wk 8 online due Thursday, October 14 by midnight.
  • 2 Responses/question due Saturday, October 16 by midnight.
  • Discussion Synthesis Wk 8 – Instructor
  • Draft #1 of Article due November 1 — Submit to “First Draft” Dropbox in D2L
  • Peer review of one paper draft due by 9am on Monday, November 8. Submit to “Peer Review 1” Dropbox folder on D2L. Be sure your peer review includes one document that answers the peer review guidelines questions & one document that is your Tracked Changes version of draft article.
  • Continue Social Media Activity. Share what you’ve done October 11. Reflection on November 15 done in class.
  • No class Oct 25 Fall Break Day
checkout Base Group Checkout Q3 and Q4 in Base Groups