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introduce Base Group Check-in Q1 and Q2 in Base Groups

Check-in Question: What are your writing strategies? Share two with your base group!
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  Discussion Forum  Discussion Forum
  Guest speaker: Sarah Galvin
  1. Tell us about your research – what do you study?
  2. Finding a home for your article
    1. Tell us about your process of selecting a journal and pitching the editor. Do you have any advice?
  3. Publishing process: from outline to final
    1. Did the publishing process go smoothly for you?
    2. What was the most challenging part?
    3. What advice from this and other publishing projects do you have for us?

Check it out!

Galvin, S., & Greenhow, C. (2019). Writing on social media: A review of research in the high school classroom. Tech Trends (online first, September 2019).


  • Initial post for wk 10 online due Thursday, November 11 by midnight (Choose text or video post)
  • No Responses due this week.
  • Discussion Synthesis Wk 10 – BG #2
  • Extension: Draft #1 of Article due November 8 — Submit to “First Draft” Dropbox in D2L
  • Peer review of one paper draft due by 9am on Monday, November 15. Submit to “Peer Review 1” Dropbox folder on D2L. Be sure your peer review includes one document that answers the peer review guidelines questions & one document that is your Tracked Changes version of draft article.
  • Continue Social Media Activity. Reflection on November 15 done in class.
 checkout  Base Group Check-out Q3 and Q4 in Base Groups