Will Media Influence Learning

introduce Base Group Check-in Q1 and Q2 in Base Groups

Check-in Question: How do you want to spend your time this year? What matters to you?
This question was taken from “How to Live Wisely” an article in the New York Times written by an education professor.

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read Readings
Setting Discussion Ground Rules Discussion Ground Rules
Source: Brookfield & Preskill (2005) Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms.

  • Think of the BEST group discussions you’ve ever been in, what happened to make these conversations so satisfying? (2 min to jot down ideas. Prepare to share)
  • Think of the WORST group discussions you’ve ever been in, what made these conversations so deadly? (2 min to jot down ideas. Prepare to share)
  • How do we make the BEST happen while minimizing the WORST? 
Discussion Forum

Synthesis of Clark & Kozma debate

  • Ideas or controversies you want us to address
  • New questions or burning issues
  • How these readings connect to your research interests or goals for this course

Discussion Synthesis W2 – Instructor

15 min Take a break!
Article for Publication
Social Media Activity
  • Choose a social media to explore as a learner, teacher, and scholar
  • Set up a profile and start using the social media during our next asynchronous week – share what you’ve done at our next class meeting
  • Example of Social Media Activity Reflection questions
Looking Ahead to Next Asynch Week: Assignments
  • Social Media Activity – be ready to share what you’ve done & link to your site on Monday, Sept 27
  • Post initial responses to discussion forum questions by Thursday, September 23 at midnight EST.
  • Post responses to at least 2 peers (per question) by Saturday, September 25 at midnight EST.
  • Base Group 1 Discussion Synthesis of Week 4 online discussion due in the forum by noon on Monday, September 27. See directions here
  • Cover letter for publishable article due before class on Monday, September 27 — Submit to Dropbox in D2L
  • Outline for publishable article due before class on Monday, October 11
checkout Base Group Checkout Q3 and Q4 in Base Groups