Part I: Foundations to Mind, Social Media, Society

1 Wednesday, September 1 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST
Course Introduction & Overview
Introduce Social Media Activity
2 September 6-12 Online Will Media Influence Learning? Beginning the Debate


3 September 13 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Interest Statement Due – Publishable Article
Discussion Synthesis W2 – Instructor

4 September 20-26 Online Defining Social Media & Learning


Part II: Research on Learning and Social Media – Cognitive, Social, Emotional Issues

5 September 27  Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Cover letter to Editor Due
Discussion Synthesis W4 – BG #1

6 October 4-10 Online Social Networks, Microblogs, & Learning



7 October 11 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Article Outline Due 
Discussion Synthesis W6 – Instructor

Mid-term Evaluation (done in class)

8 October 18-24 Online

Social Writing, Literacies, & Scholarship

  October 25 No Class

Fall Break Days

Part III: Social Media, Pedagogy & Policy

9 November 1 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Draft #1 Article Due Nov. 8
Peer Review Assignment by Nov. 9 via email
Discussion Synthesis W8 – Instructor

10 November 8-14 Online Facilitating Learning with Social Media


**Peer Review Due Nov. 15 by 9am**

11 November 15 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST
Discussion Summary W10 – Instructor
SM Activity: Reflection #1 done in class
12 November 22-28 Online

Social Media Policy: Access, Use, Outcomes

13 November 29 Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Draft #2 of Article Due Dec 3
Response to Reviewers Due Dec 3
**Individual paper conferences (7-8:30) to discuss feedback for the final draft**
Discussion Summary W12 – BG#2

14 December 6  Sync
6:00-8:50PM EST

Putting it All Together!

SM Activity: Reflection #2 done in class
Final Article Sharing


15 December 13-17 Work on final papers

Final Article Due Friday,  December 17 in D2L
Screenshot of Submission Due in D2L by December 17