Defining Social Media & Learning
introduce Base Group Check-in Q1 and Q2 in Base Groups

Check-in Question: If you could live anywhere on this planet and take everything you love with you, where would you choose to live? Tell the group about your choice.
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Social Media Activity
read Readings
Whole Group Discussion Discussion Ground Rules

  • Ideas or controversies you want us to address
  • New questions or burning issues
  • How these readings connect to your research interests or goals for this course
  • Base Group 1 Synthesis W4 in the Discussion Forum
15 min Take a break!
Guest Speaker
Selin Akgun
  1. Tell us about your research – what do you study?
  2. Pitching to an editor
    1. Tell us about your process of selecting a journal and pitching the editor. Do you have any advice?
    2. Selin’s Cover letter (final sent version)
  3. Publishing process: from outline to final
    1. What tips do you have about outlining?
    2. Did the publishing process go smoothly for you?
    3. What was the most challenging part?
    4. What advice would you have for turning this assignment into a publishable article?

Share out Selin’s fantastic article:
Akgun, S. & Greenhow, C. (2021). Artificial intelligence in education: Addressing ethical challenges in K-12 settings. AI & Ethics. SharedIt link:

Article for Publication
  • Initial post for wk 6 online due Thursday, October 7 by midnight.
  • Responses to 2 peers/question due Saturday, October 9 by midnight.
  • Discussion Synthesis W6Instructor
  • Should we try Flipgrid for asynch online ‘discussion’ Week 8?
  • Outline of article due before class on Monday, October 11 –> submit to “Outline” Dropbox on D2L
  • Continue Social Media Activity. Share what you’ve done October 11. Reflection on November 15 done in class.
checkout Base Group Checkout Q3 and Q4 in Base Groups