Media and Learning:  Beginning the Debate

Welcome! Overview, syllabus, teaching and learning objectives
 introduce Base Group Check-in  Q1 and Q2 in Base Groups

Check-in Question:
“If you could be any fictional character (real or animated) who would you be and why?” You do not have permission to view this form.

Course structure Course website overview, readings & supplemental readings (example), D2L.
Who’s here?  Pair Interview Activity
Break Take a short break. Stretch your legs. 
Upcoming Assignments Social Media Activity: Options
Final Project: Publishable Article
read  Readings
Discussion Forum  Discussion Forum
  • Social Media Activity –> what will you choose?
  • Post initial responses to Discussion Board questions by Thursday, September 9 at midnight EST.
  • Post responses to at least 2 peers (per question) by Saturday, September 11 at midnight EST.
  • Final Project: Interest Statement due Monday, September 13 before class –> Submit to ‘Interest Statement’ Dropbox on D2L
 checkout  Base Group Check-out  Q3 and Q4 in Base Groups