CEP 956 Week 7 Announcement
Subject: CEP 956: Looking Ahead to Week 7 Sync Class
Emailed: Sat 10/9/21

Hi Betul, Jeong, Suha, Abdu,
I hope you’re having a great weekend! This email contains important reminders as we wrap up week 6 and look ahead to the next synchronous class meeting.  Thank you for reading it carefully.  

We have our next synchronous online class meeting: Monday, October 11, 2021 from 6-8:50pm.  

Please use this Zoom link.  


**This is the same link you will find on the course websiteZoom Whole Class Discussion. 

NEW!  SCORES & FEEDBACK ON WEEK 4 DISCUSSION. You can now find your scores and feedback on the week 4 discussion forum in D2L.  Great job, everyone! 


Great start on those cover letter emails! I am suggesting that each of you revise your cover email based on my feedback before sending it to your journal editor.  Outlining your paper will likely help you refine your article’s abstract. I am happy to take a look at your revised cover letter email before you send it out.  The goal, though, is to send your cover email out by 10/15 or so, and then, let us know if you got a response from the editor before our class meeting on 10/25.  


Please Check-in with your Base Group at the beginning of the week by answering the Base Group Check-in questions early in the week (e.g., Tues or Wed) and then, Check-out by answering the Check-out questions at the end of the week.  

1) Login to the course website. 
2) Then, go to that week’s schedule page and find the Base Group Check-in (or Check-out) question for the week (e.g., W6 October 4-10 Asynch Online from the drop-down menu)
3) Email or otherwise contact your Base Group members when you have Checked-in and Checked-out to let them know you have done so. This way the group can help support its members, get to know its members, and build trust over time.
4) To see how your answers and scores compare with your group overall, go to the Base Groups page. Find your Base Group.  Click on your group and find the appropriate tab at the top to see the other member(s) Check-in or Check-out Answers.
**The inspiration for this week’s check-in question was our beautiful fall colors!   


“Social Networks, Microblogs and Learning”  

  • Responses to 2 peers/question due tonight Saturday, October 9 by midnight.  
  • Discussion Synthesis for week 6 – Instructor.  I will be focusing my efforts on this. Check it out in the online forum before class on Monday.

REMINDER! Article for Publication: Outline
 Due before class on Mon, October 11.  Submit to Dropbox in D2L  
    • There is no one right way to do this. We talked about looking at sample articles from the target journal that look like the article you want to write (e.g., a review article or a qualitative research article or conceptual article).  
    • You have my feedback on your cover letter. Try to use that and your sample articles to work on your outline. Email me with any questions.   

Any questions for me, please let me know. Thanks, and see you Monday!  




P.S. If you lose track of this email, no problem. I post weekly emailed reminders in the upper right-hand corner of the class website. 🙂   

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